Cotton stocks are exhausted

National Cotton Council President Barış Kocagöz told AA correspondent that during the 2016/2017 season cotton fiber production in the whole country increased by 15 percent and that world prices were also on a positive season.

At the beginning of the season, the Turkish cotton market was under the world prices and the textile sector was heading towards Turkish cotton, Kocagöz said, "For this reason, we have finished our cotton sweater early this year and there is not cotton in stocks for the first time in the Aegean region. The Turkish textile sector has to walk completely with imported cotton until it starts. " she said.

supply shortages of the textile industry in August guessed that she would live reporting Bigeye, that Turkey should be at least 1 million tons of cotton production, as the council said they set such a target.

The policies implemented by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in recent years, the high prices of world prices and the effect of exchange rate triggered cotton production, the production of 630 thousand tons in the previous year, reached 730 thousand tons last year, said Kocagöz, said:

"We have a very good impetus in the production of cotton, we have to wait at least 3 years without reprimanding those producers who return to Pamuk in Manisa, Denizli and Aydın. 721 we have thousands of hectares of cropland. I had the year is 422 thousand hectares of cropland past. cropland to return this year about 500 thousand hectares, the production is reached 900 thousand tons, we think. If we catch the field cultivation in 2001. Turkey's 3-year period in their we will come to meet the situation of consumption. "


Kocagöz pointed out that the need for cotton is continuously increasing in the world and that the efficiency of the land consolidation studies is further increased by expressing that the technology used by the Turkish cotton producer is the most productive after Australia.

Recognizing that Turkish cotton will be below world prices in the first place because of the increase in cotton production next year, Kocagöz said, "Turkish cotton farmers have a very serious hope at this moment, they never break their morale." Inventory figures in the world do not reflect reality. Warehousing is very important. Manufacturers who prefer licensed warehouses have won the past year. " used expressions.

Food, Agriculture and the support for cotton in the Livestock Ministry voicing what they propose 5 years Bigeye, "Turkey is a vicious cycle in general. Not planted in the year products provide one year money then rising in price. You have to be persistent in cotton returnees in cotton. We achieve our increased targets in cultivated area . " said.

Söke Commodity Exchange President Salih Deniz Günal stated that in the last 3-4 years, related institutions' interest in pumuğa, increase in support for pumuka in national agriculture policy and increase in prices have raised the desire of farmers.

They said that they expect increase in pre-harvest production and that the planting area for the next year is expected to increase further. Günal pointed out that preserving this environment is very important in terms of getting rid of import dependency.